In the old days, if you wanted to rob 10 banks, you had to go to each one of those banks. To steal on-line, you just have to develop one piece of software to go to thousands of banks. In the wake of hacks at companies like Sony and Home Depot (HD), businesses have been ramping up efforts to combat cybercrime.

Cyber intruders are continuously refining their methods to outwit your security. Cyber threats grow more sophisticated and developing Advance Persistent Threats (APTs) create a new level of security risk. These activities require a pro-active response.

Through years of experience in high stakes digital forensic investigations, the experts at DIGITS LLC know where to find critical electronic evidence, and concurrently preserve and analyze it using today’s most sophisticated forensic techniques and digital forensic software. Understanding that time is of the essence, our response is swift, immediate and comprehensive.

Digital Forensics is the science behind obtaining valuable electronic evidence or information from electronic devices. DIGITS LLC co-founders and staff have extensive law enforcement experience and decades of experience in digital forensics and technology crime fighting. The co-founders of DIGITS LLC have a proven track record in national and international high profile crime, digital forensic investigations and technology services at the federal, state and local levels. The comprehensive scope of Digital Forensic services DIGITS LLC offers include:

Computer Forensic Investigation
Trade Secrets Protection
Intellectual Property Protection
Corporate Computer Security
Litigation Support Services
Network Security Advisory
Data Recovery
Information Collection and Preservation Services