There are two types of companies – those that have been hacked and know it, and those that have been hacked and don’t know it”

                                                                                                                         James Comey, Director of the FBI

In the wake of hacks at companies like Sony and Home Depot, businesses have been ramping up efforts to combat cybercrime. As cyber threats against your company continue to grow in frequency, power and sophistication, new levels of advanced of security become critical.

The best defense is a good offense. This is why we are such strong advocates of a pro-active security approach. If a cyber attack does happen, you will know EXACTLY what to do, who to call, know specific action steps to take, identify how the hackers got it, where they went and what they took (if anything).

Cyber intruders are continuously refining their methods to outwit your security. Cyber threats grow more sophisticated, developing Advance Persistent Threats (APTs) that create a new level of security risk. These activities require a pro-active response. That’s why at DIGITS LLC, our digital forensic professionals are available 24/7/365.

Through years of experience in high stakes digital forensic investigations, the experts at DIGITS LLC know where to find critical electronic evidence, and concurrently preserve and analyze it using today’s most sophisticated forensic techniques and digital forensic software. Understanding that time is of the essence, our response is swift, immediate and comprehensive.