This statistic is a real eye opener for many small businesses who assume they do not possess anything that a hacker would want or are immune to a cyber attack. And it’s not getting any better out there. At DIGITS LLC, we understand your concerns and vulnerabilities. This is why incorporating a pro-active approach to keeping your business and livelihood secure is priority number one

It starts with an honest, real time assessment of where your cyber security is at, what your vulnerabilities are, and what might be missing. DIGITS LLC then gathers critical information essential to help us identify the areas that could improve your overall security.
Security testing and assessments include:

Vulnerability Testing
Web Application Security
Penetration Assessment
Wireless Security

In today’s technology driven world, the intentional or unintentional missteps of your most valuable employee can be as dangerous as a professional cyber criminal. Nobody is immune. In response to this potential debilitating situation, DIGITS LLC offers a comprehensive suite of network vulnerability assessment services that include:

External Network Perimeter Vulnerability Assessment Internal Network
Vulnerability Assessment Active Directory Reviews WLAN Assessments
VoIP Assessment OS Patch Management Assessment Devise Configuration
Management Review Source Code Review of Company Developed

Don’t be the next statistic!